Cowhead Ranch is where I call home

Rest and relax in an “old west town” setting at the Cowhead Ranch.

Great fun for the family and kids!

“Hands on”, “real” ranch life – with stalls to clean, animals to feed, fences to mend, and eggs to gather.

Give us a call at 432.371.2142
See ya’ll there!

Cowhead Ranch in Big Bend Texas Country

Did someone say Big Bend?
Where or what is that? My friend it is the most unique national park in existence today. And yes, you guessed it; it’s located in Texas- where the Rio Bravo takes an almost ninety degree turn, separating Mexico from Texas.
What is there to do, you ask? Compared to what?
The Big Bend is the tail end or the beginning of the Rocky Mountains, plus it has the Chihuahuan Desert to shield its invaders. The formation of the mountains and surrounding landscape still remains a mystic wonderment to all who observe.
Come on lets take a quick tour of just a few places to go do and see – lodging, great mexican food, steak, burgers and exotic restaurants, while you are entertained by some of the finest musicians and local songwriters in existence.
Take a rafting or canoe trip down the Rio Grande. Hike the trails of yesteryear until your Redwing Boots are ragged. Take the family horse backing while you get a close up view of the largest of collection of cactus and birds numbering more than any other National Park. Jump in your car, truck or on your Harley and take the world acclaimed drive down RIVER ROAD, from Terlingua to Presidio.
Visit some of the movie sets used from “Barbarosa” to “Dead Man’s Walk.”
Drive by the birthplace of the Annual World Championship Chili Cook-off – Texas Mardi Gras. (1st weekend in November)
Loop back through Marfa, Texas- home of the famed movie “Giant.”
Check out them Marfa Lights! Travel on to Fort Davis, where the Buffalo Soldiers made history at the Calvary Fort – still in tact as it was in the mid to late 1800’s.
Don’t forget to stop and check out the world above us – at McDonald Observatory.
On to Alpine, where you’ll find the most desired climate in the U.S.A. Tour the museum at Sul Ross State University – the Alma Mater of Hoss Cartwright of Bonanza.
While you’re in the largest county in Texas don’t worry about red, green, yellow traffic lights ’cause there ain’t none – only blinking four way stops.
Well, we’ve hardly touched the surface, but I know by now, you’re tired. So, let’s head for camp to retire under a most unforgettable blanket of midnight stars and bid good night to the Milky Way. Oh, by the way, did I mention to bring your horse? Y’all can stay with us at the Cowhead Ranch or just stop by and say hello. Have a sarsaparilla and above all autograph the Saloon Wall at the infamous Cowhead Social Club.
Leave her like you found her, “Boys and Girls” and she’ll always be beautiful.

Be Safe – Be Happy!
Cowboy Chris

Cowhead Ranch Big Bend Texas

HC 65, Box 132E, Alpine, TX   79830

432 371 2142

GPS N29 39.991 W103 35.218


HC65 BHC65 Box 132E, Alpine, Texas 79830ox 132E, Alpine, Texas 79830

GPS Cordinates N29 39.991 W103 35.


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  1. 1 Ruthi Stockton Sauer
    January 23, 2014 at 12:40 am

    RIP my friend, glad you are at peace now.

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